Garden Green

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There are lots of different types of paintings. Portrait paintings are of people who the artist knows or who have asked to be painted. Landscape paintings are of the countryside. Seascapes are of the coast and seaside. Still Life paintings are paintings of objects, most of the time found around the house, such as fruit, bottles, books, flowers, vases and many other things.

Artists have been painting the still life for hundreds of years and an artist received greater praise the more realistic the objects in the still life appeared. There is a story of a painter in ancient times whose painting of grapes was so realistic that even the birds were fooled and they tried to eat them!

Garden Green is a still life painting by the Irish artist Norah McGuinness. The objects on the table are everyday items of a cup and saucer, a large black pot, two bottles, a spoon, a white cloth and two pieces of fruit. But there is something strange about the way these objects appear. It looks as though they are sliding off the table! That is because Norah McGuinness is painting in a Cubist style.