Mirror, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane free admission


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Bacon's large circular mirror was perhaps the most singularly striking item in his studio. It was placed in a central position on the back wall of his studio and appears to have remained there unchallenged throughout the artist's time at Reece Mews. Bacon may well have designed it himself. Circular mirrors appear to have been a consistent feature of his early interior designs. Furthermore, the artist appears to have had a similar mirror in his Queensbury Mews studio as early as 1932.

As well as giving a sense of space to Bacon's small studio, the mirror may well have performed a role in the production of his paintings. The mirror hung almost directly behind the artist's easel. Bacon could have turned and looked at the reflection of his work in the mirror. Interestingly, mirrors make repeated appearances in the artist's paintings but these are almost invariably rectilinear in shape.