Phoenix Rising Film Screenings: Cleary and Connolly

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2pm, Saturday 24 January 2015.

Cleary and Connolly
, Moving Dublin, 2009

60m; Courtesy of the artists.

Is Dublin becoming a centreless and edgeless sprawl on the model of Los Angeles, following its curve of affluence but learning nothing from its mistakes? Is the poverty and alienation in Dublin’s inner city and in the western and northern suburbs part of a descending spiral of urban decay? Or will the economic affluence of a decade ago re-establish itself and eventually ‘lift all boats’ to give the nascent urban regeneration a chance to succeed? Shot in 2007, Moving Dublin explores the everyday world of movement in Dublin and its vast sprawling suburbs spreading out west from the coastal city. The film looks at how far the contemporary world of the Dublin
commuter has strayed from the civic realm it constituted when Joyce wrote the Wandering Rocks chapter of Ulysses.

This is a free event but seating is limited so early arrival is recommended.