Scientia Civitatis: Missing Titles Seminar

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A seminar drawing on the installation Scientia Civitatis: Missing Titles by Vagabond Reviews evoking an inter-disciplinary prism on Dublin and the contemporary city.

Chaired by independent curator Valerie Connor, this seminar sets out to make a reading of the contemporary city through the prism of the Scientia Civitatis: Missing Titles installation. The installation, part of the Phoenix Rising Art and Civic Imagination exhibition, presents 48 titles for as yet unwritten books about the city from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives within the human sciences. Vagabond Reviews has invited the contributors of those missing titles to participate in an interdisciplinary reading of the city including individual interpretations from:

Mary Corcoran (Sociology)
Philip Crowe (Architecture)
Culturstruction (Art and Architecture)
Jenny McElwain (Paleobotany)
Austin O’Carroll (General Medicine)
Kieran Rose (Urban Planning)
Jamie Saris (Anthropology)

No booking required, although early arrival is recommended as places are