Current Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane houses the foremost public collection of contemporary art in Ireland; the gallery also has a dynamic temporary exhibitions programme often encompassing the permanent collection. Mon, 25 Jun 2018 17:29:34 +0000 Point Blank en-gb Fieldwork Film Screening: Fieldwork

On view in gallery 18

In tandem with Dublin's Culture Connects National Neighbourhoods project, three short films made by Arcade Films are on view at the Hugh Lane from 29 May to 31 August 2018. These artist-led community engagement projects feature Ballybough Craft Group, Marino Art Class, St. Anne's Park Walking Group, Stardust Park Walking Group, Raheny Walking Group and 66u Naomh Eoin Clontarf Cub Scouts. Get behind the scenes and witness what was shared, learned and created over the past six months on Dublin's coastal northside. The partners in this project included Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, The National Library of Ireland, Raheny Library and DCC Arts Office.

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Seamus Nolan: Traveller Collection at the Hugh Lane Seamus Nolan: Traveller Collection at the Hugh Lane

22 June - 23 September 2018

In 2017, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts came together for the first time to commission a significant socially engaged artist’s project in Dublin. The call for submissions was made through CAPP, the EU Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, a transnational partnership with Spain, Ireland, U.K., Hungary, Finland and Germany and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Following submissions from artists from all of the CAPP partners, Irish artist Seamus Nolan’s proposal was successful. One of Ireland’s foremost artists working in collaborative arts practice, Seamus Nolan’s project sees him investigating the idea of archive,
deconstructing ideas on ‘heritage’ and engaging with the Traveller communities in Ireland and Traveller activists and archivists. The Traveller Collection project focuses on issues of Traveller visibility within national and private cultural institutions. Locating representations of Travelling people and communities within local and national media, within folklore, fine and decorative arts collections, legislation and policy documents a picture begins to emerge of a people of difference, and this difference is in the fact that they are generally spoken about rather than speaking, painted rather than painting, represented rather than representing. As Anthony Candon, Keeper, National Museum of Ireland observed, ‘It can be argued, that just as Travellers were/are a marginalised group in Irish society, so also their representation among the Museum displays continued that marginalisation, if somewhat subliminally.’
Traveller Collection at The Hugh Lane is one small manifestation of the material and representation of Traveller culture and identity. The project engages
an ongoing collaborative process of enquiry with cultural practitioners, Traveller activists and collectors in an exploration of what a Traveller
collection or a Traveller specific museum might be and how it would be managed and maintained by Travellers. The idea to build a Traveller museum or collection is not new, but it is long overdue.
The Hugh Lane at Pavee Point The Street Singer by Jerome Connor was loaned from the Gallery’s collection to Pavee Point on 21 June for the one day roundtable session as part of the CAPP Network’s Power and Practice international conference. This work from the city’s collection was selected as one of a number of works which points to the representation of shared traditions of Traveller culture within the museum. The situation of the work within one of the national Traveller organisations initiates an engagement of
equivalence between these organisations. In addition, this exhibition at the Hugh Lane includes paintings by Mick O’Dea from the Martin Folan collection at Pavee Point and archival
material that forms the
Irish Travelling People: a Resource Collection borrowed from the Special Collections of Ulster University. This remarkable collection was originally created and built up by Aileen L’Amie at Ulster University. Displayed here in Gallery 10, the material will be scanned and the digitised fIles then becoming part of an online platform dedicated to Traveller culture, a website set up by Seamus Nolan as a database pointing to the location of various collections, and offering a repository where individuals and organisations can upload their own items. In addition, a series of fIlms on traveller culture chosen by the artist will be screened in Gallery 10. In tandem with this exhibition, a series of
handmade flowers made by the women of the Primary Health Care Traveller Project in Pavee Point are on view along with work made by Tinsmith James Collins. We are very pleased to have worked on this collaborative project with the artist Seamus Nolan and Ailbhe Murphy, Director of Create Ireland and the CAPP team. Our sincere thanks to them, to our lenders, Niall Burns and Ulster University Library, Martin Collins, Caoimhe McCabe and the staff and administration of Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre; to Rosaleen McDonagh, Derek Speirs, Micheal O hAodha, The Galway Traveller Movement, Sinead Ni Shuinear, and the Cork Traveller Women’s network for allowing their work to be presented; Eve Olney, Michael Collins, and Tracey Reilly; The exhibition was organised by Jessica O’Donnell, Head of Education and Community Outreach at the Hugh Lane.

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Foundations Project Foundations Project

Since August 2017 children participating in the Foundations Project have participated in after school artist-led workshops organised by the Hugh Lane Education programme. These workshops curated by the Hugh Lane’s education department are aimed at 5-7 year olds and 7-10 year olds and take place in the Gallery’s education space on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The Foundations Project is a CDETB and HSE initiative for people using homeless services. The Hugh Lane’s project is funded by Dublin City Council’s NEIC Programme Office.

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Seamus Nolan: CAPP Commission 2017 Artist Seamus Nolan is the recipient of the prestigious CAPP commission with Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and Create.

We are delighted to announce that Seamus Nolan has been successful in the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) Open Call for a socially engaged commission. This is a very significant commission in the collaborative arts sphere in Ireland. It has resulted from a successful collaboration between Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, located in Parnell Square and is supported by the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) a transnational programme co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The applications, from across the CAPP network of partners, were of particularly high calibre with forty-one artists submitting diverse proposals in cross disciplinary artforms. This exciting commission will run from 2017 to 2018 and sets out to encourage meaningful and in depth engagement with communities of place and of interest as well as the distinct architectural, socio-political and cultural landscape of the North Inner City of Dublin.  Seamus Nolan’s proposal to investigate the idea of archive, deconstruct ideas on ‘heritage’ and engage with both communities of place and of interest, involving Traveller activists and archivists, stood out in terms of concept and imaginative power.

Barbara Dawson, Director Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane “We are delighted to work with Create and Seamus Nolan on this great commission. One of Ireland’s foremost artists working in collaborative arts practice, Nolan has presented a powerful and thoughtful proposal focused on the Traveller community. Working with the community, Paveé Point, archives and archivists, the artist will go beyond any single reading of identity and heritage in a contemporary re thinking of established histories, memories and communities”

Ailbhe Murphy, Director of Create “We are delighted that Seamus Nolan, one of Ireland’s leading collaborative arts practitioners, has proposed this very timely and relevant socially engaged project. With a focus on archive, identity and history in relation to the Irish Traveller community, Nolan will work with a number of collaborators to re shape and re work ideas about what ‘heritage’ and memory can be. We are really looking forward to working in partnership with the Hugh Lane on this exciting commission.”

Seamus Nolan, artist “I am really pleased to have the opportunity through this commission to examine basic notions of representation and community building in relation to Traveller past and heritage. The commission will support the coming together of cultural practitioners, activists and archivists in an exploration of contested histories.”

Martin Collins, Pavee Point added: “With the recognition of Traveller ethnicity it is important to explore how Traveller culture and identity can be integrated in an inclusive way into all aspects of Irish life. Pavee Point welcomes this opportunity to continue to develop innovative and imaginative approaches and looks forward to working with artist Seamus Nolan.”

SEAMUS NOLAN Biography Seamus Nolan is an artist based in Dublin, recent work includes presenting 10th President as part of Re-Public in the Hyde Park Art Centre Chicago (Create /Culture Ireland showcase for 2016), Historica – Republican Aesthetics the Irish Museum of Modern Art, 'Radical Actions', RMIT Melbourne, ( 2016) 'Proto punks' with Upstate Theatre projects Drogheda, (2015) 'Kathleen Lynn, Insider on the outside' Mayo Arts Collaborative, (2016) 'what if we got it wrong' the Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris, touring exhibition (2015) and 'F**K IMMA' for 'What we call love', Irish Museum of Modern Art (2015) . Previous works include '10th President’ in the Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, (2013) a project which proposed the President of Ireland temporarily hand over office to a child who died whilst in institutional care and ‘Newtopia, the state of human rights’ Mechelen Belgium, (2011). Nolan has also been awarded the Artist in the Community Scheme Award for 'The Trades Club Revival' which saw the revival of the traditional working man’s club in Sligo, and a related exhibition in the Model, Sligo. The attempted hijack of a Ryanair flight for St Patrick's day ‘Flight NM7104’ for Terminal Convention (2011), an off-site exhibition and seminar situated in the abandoned Airport terminal building at Cork Airport. A refusal to participate Ireland's inaugural Dublin Contemporary 2011, and an attempt to sell the derelict house of Barbara Luderowski the founder and co-director of The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh. Other works include Corrib Gas Project Arts Centre (2008 ) a solo show which looked at the Corrib Gas Pipeline and the North Mayo community affected by its development, 'every action' a collaboration with the five peace activists acquitted for disarming a military aircraft in Shannon Airport. 'if art could save your life' (2009) invited the Drogheda Arts centre to foster two dogs, earmarked to be destroyed, for the duration of the exhibition, and Hotel Ballymun (2007) a temporary public art work commissioned by Breaking Ground, Ballymun Dublin, which saw the transformation of a residential tower block on the outskirts of Dublin city into a boutique hotel by a group of local participants and organisations.

For further information please see the attached pdf or contact Katrina Goldstone, Create and Jessica O’Donnell, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

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