Past Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane houses the foremost public collection of contemporary art in Ireland; the gallery also has a dynamic temporary exhibitions programme often encompassing the permanent collection. Sat, 21 Jul 2018 02:01:59 +0000 Point Blank en-gb Walk with Light Dublin City Council North East Inner City Project with Sheriff St and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

Walk with Light is a Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane Education project in collaboration with St. Laurence O'Toole Recreation Centre, Sheriff Street. A display of artwork made by children from St. Laurence O'Toole Recreation Centre, Sheriff Street as part of this six weeks project during July and August was on display at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane from September 2017-January 2018. The Lord Mayor of Dublin Ardmhéara Mícheál MacDonncha said of the children’s artwork at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane that “It is wonderful to see the children learning through visual art and through their enjoyable visits to the Gallery to build on the successful links between the Hugh Lane Gallery and the local community. Tugann an ealaíon deis tabhachtach do na páistí oideachas níos leithne a fhorbairt.”

Each Monday and Friday art workshops exploring a variety of media and techniques took place in Sheriff Street and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. Led by artists from the Hugh Lane’s education panel, the children explored themes inspired by the collection and the concepts of nature, light, traces and journey.

The display was accompanied by a short film highlighting the artistic journeys made by the children each week.

Our short film documenting the project can be viewed here: Walk With Light FILM

Our thanks to all of the fifteen children who participated in the project and to the staff of St. Laurence O'Toole, Recreation Centre Sheriff St; to the artists Janine Davidson, Jane Fogarty, Beth O’Halloran, Rebecca Shelford and Anna Carey; to the artists assistants Barbara O’Connell, Frances Coghlan, Emma O’Toole and Marie Farrington; and to Rose Kenny, South East and Central Area Manager; and Bláthnaid Conlon and Ursula Donnellan, North East Inner City Project Office.

The Hugh Lane’s Education programme is curated by Jessica O’Donnell, Head of Education and Liliane Puthod, Assistant Education Curator. Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane’s Education and Community Project with Sheriff St Recreation Centre is funded by Dublin City Council’s NEIC Programme Office and is part of the North East Inner City Initiative funded by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government.

For further information please contact: Jessica O’Donnell, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Charlemont House, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1 Tel. 01 2225558. Email:

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Foundations Project Foundations Project

Since August 2017 children participating in the Foundations Project have participated in after school artist-led workshops organised by the Hugh Lane Education programme. These workshops curated by the Hugh Lane’s education department are aimed at 5-7 year olds and 7-10 year olds and take place in the Gallery’s education space on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The Foundations Project is a CDETB and HSE initiative for people using homeless services. The Hugh Lane’s project is funded by Dublin City Council’s NEIC Programme Office.

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Premiere Screening: Ships Passing in the Night Ships Passing in the Night by artist James Ó Haodha and children from the Dublin Sikh community and the Sandymount Dodder Sea Scouts.

Ships Passing in the Night was a community engagement project involving artist James and participating children creatively exploring maritime communication, group photography, and the creative staging of images. Over three months, James has worked with the groups separately, and together at key points, to share the artistic process and to collaborate on the making of this video work.

Also being screened is a commissioned short-film capturing the project's process by videographer Jenny Brady. Ships Passing in the Night is part of The National Neighbourhood, a Dublin’s Culture Connects project which creates partnerships between the National Cultural Institutions, artists and creative entrepreneurs, community groups and Dublin City Council’s cultural assets – the South East Area Office, Dublin City Arts Office, Dublin Public Library and Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane.
Be sure to catch the piece on RTÉ News2Day about Ships Passing in the Night, scroll forward to 5.35 mins here.

Dublin Culture Connects: The National Neighbourhood spans the Dublin City Council region, and for the first time brings together the Public Libraries, the area offices, the City Arts Office and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, in partnership with National Cultural Institutions (The Abbey Theatre, The National Museum of Ireland, The National Library of Ireland, The National Gallery of Ireland, The National Concert Hall, The Chester Beatty Library, The National Archives and The Irish Museum of Modern Art). The core value is the public and cultural community working together, connecting Dubliners in significant ways on projects that are relevant to their expressed concerns. Each project has evolved from a series of conversations and are harnessing the appetites of particular groups for cultural engagement. These programmes focus on creating space for experimentation, modelling new partnerships and testing ways of working. The results will be documented and used to inform future programmes in Dublin communities. #DCCNeighbourhoods Ships Passing in the Night is a community engagement project led by artist James O'Haodha. Over three months, James worked with two community groups in the Sandymount/Ringsend area: children from the Sikh community who have their Temple in the Sandymount area, and the Dodder Sea Scouts. The presence of nearby Poolbeg Lighthouse was used as a symbol and a starting point for the engagement with and between the two groups. The idea of beaconing and beckoning with light, and maritime signalling tradition, have been a guiding focus. Using International Morse code as a shared language, the children learned the basics of Morse communication, progressing to a stage where they were able to send messages to each other. The children also worked with homemade Morse keys, tapping out 'dots' and 'dashes' in light and sound to each other. Ships Passing in the Night is on view in the Hugh Lane from 1 -31 March 2017. 'Alight' is a project over five months in 2016-17 led by Coisceim Broadreach as part of Dublin Culture Connects. Using the No. 1 Bus as a central motif, and working with community groups in the DCC South East area around Sandymount/Ringsend, special events such as The Mystery History Cabaret Tour, All Aboard visits to the NGI and Hugh Lane, a Valentine's Tea Dance, a creative dance/design project with children from St Patrick's NS; Tell Your Story drop in social; Art and Design event with Talk about Youth; taster art/dance/drama workshops with community groups from Riccy's Youth Cafe, St Andrew's Resource Centre, Pembroke Library, City Quay NS and the Lir Academy. Ships Passing in the Night and Alight are in collaboration with the South East Area Office, Dublin City Arts Office, Dublin Public Library and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.

For further information please contact project manager Cleo Fagan: /0874134419

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The Gallery as Subject In this four week institutional critique project led by performance artist Michelle Browne, second level students from Larkin Community College will explore how the Gallery space is used by themselves and others. This could include how people move throughout the galleries, communication methods, responses to changing spaces and to artworks.

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Imaginative Sky Dublin City of Science 2012

Imaginative Sky

Celebrating Dublin City of Science 2012, Imaginative Sky was a collaborative project between the Hugh Lane’s Education and Research department, the artist Martina Galvin and children from Scoil Plás Mhuire BNS, off Dorset Street. Over a six weeks period from April – May 2012 the children from 2nd and 3rd class visited the Hugh Lane and explored the connections between art and science through practical experiments and art workshops led by the artist Martina Galvin. The aim of Imaginative Sky was to deliver scientific knowledge and experiments in an artistic, creative and enjoyable form. In addition to making beautiful artworks inspired by the ideas explored in this project, it was the aim of Imaginative Sky to foster skills of observation, stimulate an appreciation of beauty and discovery, and also foster a further interest in science and art. Colour, light, observation, the beauty of the natural world and space were the central themes explored. The Eve of St Agnes stained glass window by Harry Clarke, Big Bird by Niki de Saint Phalle and paintings by Sean Scully were the artworks from the Hugh Lane’s collection looked at. The stunning The Eve of St Agnes stained glass window by Harry Clarke was the ideal conduit for these explorations because of the way light brings stained glass to life. Also Harry Clarke had a keen eye for detail and his acute observations of the natural world is evident in his stained glass masterpiece. The Harry Clarke stained glass window is like a magnificent jewel of colour and light. During practical art workshops each week in the Gallery’s Learning Resource Centre, the ideas in the project were explored through experiments using prisms, magnets, lenses, fossils, meteorites, shells, colour mixing as well as through the creation of new art work by the children.
The Imaginative Sky project at the Hugh Lane was co-ordinated by Jessica O'Donnell, Curator of Education and Research.

A display of artwork made by the children during this project was launched by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Andrew Montague on Thursday 14 June at 11.15am.  The display was on view in the Entrance Hall and outside the Learning Resource Centre on the second floor until 14 July 2012.

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Fighting Words Hugh Lane and Fighting Words
December 2011-September 2012
The Education and Research department of the Hugh Lane has joined with Fighting Words in an exciting new collaboration which will see Transition Year students from Mercy College, Coolock engage with the Hugh Lane's collection and temporary exhibitions programme through a series of creative writing workshops taking place in the Gallery's Learning Resource Centre over the coming months. For further information on Fighting Words, please see

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Suitcase Stories 2011 Suitcase Stories
2011 marks the second year of UNICEF Ireland and Dublin City Council’s Office for Integration “Suitcase Stories” Project and, in partnership with CDVEC, we are delighted to able to include the exhibition in the Programme of One City, One People, once again. Suitcase Stories is an artistic project that brings together a group of the City’s younger citizens to explore and celebrate the great social diversity of the new, multicultural Dublin. The participants share the experiences of migration and integration, and can all trace their own histories beyond the shores of Ireland itself. Over the course of several months, the participants have come together across a series of artistic workshops to explore the nuances of their own identities, and where those identities fit into the new multicultural tapestry of the City, and its people. Each Suitcase Story represents a reflection of a life shared between different cultures and places, the story of how the participants have come to bridge their own cultural identities, the story of their memories of the past and their hopes for the future. The Suitcases themselves represent not just physical journeys, but also the inner journeys that the participants have travelled – their experiences and perspectives of inclusion and integration into the City and its way of life. As Dublin matures into a truly intercultural city, the exhibition includes a variety of artistic pieces that reflect the perspectives of the young participants. Both Dublin City Council and UNICEF Ireland are delighted to add their voices to the Programme of One City, One People and celebrate the great richness and depth that those voices add to the chorus of the City. On view in Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane 18 October 2011-30 October 2011.

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Coisceim and Hugh Lane Collaboration, Flesh and Bones CoisCéim Broadreach and The Hugh Lane present

Flesh and Bones

Performances Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December, 3pm

Flesh and Bones is the culmination of the fourth Choreography Project, and was the result of collaboration between CoisCéim Broadreach and The Hugh Lane. Led by choreographer Philippa Donnellan and Hugh Lane Education Curator Katy Fitzpatrick, the theme of the project was the paintings and working methods of painter Francis Bacon.

The Choreography Project began with a guided lecture tour for participants of Bacon’s work. The evident physicality and visceral quality in much of Bacon’s work – with its intense focus on the body – provided us as dancers with a distinctive focus and clear point of departure.

Over the course of six weeks we discussed, debated, danced and observed together. We worked creatively in what was a lively process of choreographic investigation and discovery. During the process, amongst many ideas, the notion of wrestling gradually surfaced as a theme to explore; wrestling with ideas, choreographic images, artistic processes – as well as the physical act of wrestling itself. The idea of the ‘shadow’ as seen in a number of Bacon’s paintings was also a theme people chose to develop choreographically. This idea reveals perhaps something softer and more intimate at play in some of the work created.

Bacon’s paintings, and his studio which is on permanent exhibition at The Hugh Lane, provided a rich source of inspiration for everyone involved. We have only scratched the surface in delving into Bacon’s dense and complex work.


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The Drama of Art Hugh Lane and TEAM Theatre present, THE DRAMA OF ART: PASSION AND POLITICS

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and TEAM Educational Theatre Company are delighted to present the second Drama of Art project. This programme will explore the Gallery’s current exhibition, John Lavery: Passion and Politics through visual arts and drama integrated learning strategies.

Our aim is to challenge the traditional art museum visit, by providing a more engaging experience for young people. Over the course of 2 hours students will explore one of the two themes pertinent to the exhibition Passion and Politics, followed by an experiential drama workshop.

The programme will be delivered as follows:

Students will travel to The Hugh Lane where they will be met by an artist who will take them on an exploration of the exhibition, discussing one of the two themes as detailed below. This tour is designed to be dialogic and interactive, rather than passive. The themes explored will be further examined through a drama workshop facilitated by a TEAM educational drama specialist. This dual-methodology will provide students with an active and experiential fine arts learning opportunity, which supports the National Curriculum. We can facilitate groups of 20 students maximum per session, with the possibility of running 2 sessions simultaneously.

Cost: €150 per group

Teachers may choose from the following two themes:

The Cult of Celebrity:

Sir John and Lady Lavery were the original celebrity couple. Through their social and political connections they carved a niche for themselves that gave them the opportunity to influence both fashion and politics. In this workshop participants will reflect on the lives of the Laverys in relation to contemporary society and will discuss the creation of iconic figures. What were the Laverys’ motives? How do they relate to modern day celebrity couples such as Posh and Becks?

Painting Politics:

Without commission, Sir John Lavery chose to visually record a turning point in Irish history and politics. Paintings included in this exhibition, such as The Casement Trial, The Blessing of the Colours, Michael Collins’ Funeral and the portraits that he painted of those involved in signing the Treaty, of Unionists and of Nationalists will be explored and discussed. Why did he choose to paint these events? Did he play the role of artist diplomat? How did he gain access to figures from both sides of the debate?

Teachers may take into consideration which theme might appropriately support the TY and Senior Cycle curricula as well as student interest. Relevant subjects include: Art, Drama, History, English and Religion.

A guide for secondary schools to the exhibition and worksheets pertinent to the two themes are provided on the right hand side of this page (Painting Politics to follow shortly).

For students to get the most out of this programme, the artist information and worksheets must be studied prior to your visit. These worksheets will also illustrate a variety of cross curricular approaches that can be applied in the classroom.

Please note the programme will run until the exhibition ends on the 31 October 2010. If you have any queries or would like to make a booking, please contact:


Education Curator
Dr. Margarita Cappock,

t: +353 1 222 5557

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Lindsay Road School Centenary Project Lindsay Road School, Centenary Project

Exhibition in gallery opens 18 June 2010
School exhibition and book launch 25 June 2010

The 25 June 2010 marks the centenary of Lindsay Road National School in Glasnevin. To celebrate the centenary the school invited The Hugh Lane and artist Beth O’Halloran to work with the students in the school to create artwork for the centenary publication and a permanent artwork for the school. The book and artwork will be officially launched / opened in June, with an exhibition in the Gallery’s education area and one in the school.

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NIID, Trinity Visual Art Project in collaboration with the National Institute for Intellectual Disability, (NIID)
Trinity College

21 January to 11 March 2010
Exhibition in The Hunt Museum, 10 June 2010 as part of The Special Olympics

Second year students from a two year certificate programme with NIID took part in a series of workshops over 8 weeks in the Hugh Lane. Participants worked in a variety of media with artist Beth O’Halloran in response to artworks from the Gallery’s permanent collection and exhibitions. Specifically the students were working in response to the work of Francis Bacon, Sean Scully, Elizabeth Magill and Jack B Yeats. An exhibition of artworks created during the project will be held in The Hunt Museum in June as part of The Special Olympics.

NIID are also producing a publication of the work created during this project and during another project that the students took part in with The National Gallery of Ireland in 2009.

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Macdara Woods and Bealtaine Writers Residency 2010 Macdara Woods and Bealtaine Writers Residency, 2010

May - September 2010

Culture Night, 24 September 2010: final exhibition and reading

This year Dublin City Arts Office, Dublin City Public Libraries and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane are teaming up on a dynamic Writer in Residence Programme in partnership with Poetry Ireland. Macdara Woods, Irish poet, has published 16 books with New Writers' Press, Gallery Press and Daedalus Press, among others. He has read poems from San Francisco to Moscow and is a member of Aosdana. He will work alongside the Bealtaine Writers Group, a group of older writers who have been working together for over 10 years and meet on a regular basis in The Dublin Writers Centre. Since January 2008 the writers have been in residence at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and have been writing poems for adults and children in reponse to the Gallery's collection and exhibitions.

Woods and the Bealtaine Writers Group shall jointly explore the Dublin City Archives, located in Pearse Street Library, containing records of the civc government of Dublin rfom 1171 to the late 20th century. The group will explore all forms of writing, from historic fiction to journalistic prose. A celebration of the fruits of this creative partnership will take place in Pearse Street Library as part of Culture Night on 24 September 2010.

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Truvo Gets Mugged Art Competition Exhibition Truvo Gets Mugged Children’s Art Competition

Exhibition in Hugh Lane Learning Resource Centre, 12 September – 8 November 2009

Truvo is Ireland’s foremost multimedia search and advertising company. The Truvo Gets Mugged Children’s Art Competition was conceived to support their 2009 charity partner; Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and discover some original and inspiring artwork to go on mugs for staff that will replace the use of disposable cups in the workplace. Truvo has teamed up with Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane to help inspire the children in the hospital.

Over the course of the summer in 2009 children from Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin took part in a series of workshops with artists from Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, as well as creating artworks in their own time. These works represent the 16 finalists selected, with four chosen from each age category, 0 – 4 years, 5 – 8 years, 9 – 12 years and 13+ years. Over 60 entries were submitted, and the rest can be seen in the folder in this exhibition.

From each age category one winner has been selected, and their artwork will be printed on mugs for the staff of Truvo Ireland and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. The money raised for the mugs will contribute towards the money being raised by Truvo Ireland for the hospital, their charity partner in 2009.

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Horses and Tortoises, Stories from Africa Horses and Tortoises, Stories from Africa

At 1pm on the 24th June 2009 celebrated children’s book illustrator PJ Lynch launched Horses and Tortoises, Stories from Africa at the Gallery.

Horses and Tortoises, Stories from Africa is a book of ten short stories. The traditional tales come from all over Africa and are written and illustrated by women from AkiDwA, the African Women’s Network. The stories tell tales of tortoises in trees, hippos in baths, monsters in caves, a frog in an elephant’s stomach and the fate of wicked husbands! These tales are for children of all ages and celebrate the tradition of storytelling in Africa.


The project Horses and Tortoises, Stories from Africa began in 2008 as part of a Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane community programme funded by the O’Connell Street Integrated Area Plan Community Gain Fund, working with women from AkiDwA. Working with artist Felicity Clear and writer Siobhan Parkinson the women of AkiDwA created a book that can be used in primary schools. The purpose was to provide a resource through which Irish children learn of traditional African culture and also as a vehicle for African children to celebrate their traditions.

In the beginning of the new school year the book can be ordered by every primary school and library in Dublin.

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Publication - Celebrating IAP Community Gain Funding Celebrating IAP Community Gain Funding 2006-2009.
Outreach projects included The Banner Project (2006); Animals in the Wood (2006-2007); Flock (2006-2007); The Garden Project (2008); Lost and Found (2008); Young Curators (2008); Horses and Tortoises (2008); Neon Jive (2008).

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