More about 7 Reece Mews

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An artist’s studio is a room or space where the artist paints, sculpts, draws or just sits and thinks of ideas! Francis Bacon had many studios in London but in 1961 he moved to 7 Reece Mews in London. Walking through the door he immediately decided that this would become his studio. There was a very steep wooden stairs leading up to his studio with an old rope as a handrail. In his studio Francis Bacon gathered all sorts of things he was interested in and needed for his painting. These piled up over the years – 31 years in fact!

Francis Bacon had a bedroom and kitchen across the hallway, so he was never too far away from his paintings. However, while his studio looked higgledy piggledy, he always kept his living area neat and tidy. In his studio, Francis Bacon liked being surrounded by lots of things as he could then easily reach for one of his many art books, photographs, or newspaper clippings while he was painting to look for ideas and inspiration. Francis Bacon’s Studio was donated to the Hugh Lane gallery by John Edwards, Francis Bacon’s friend and heir, and the studio will be permanently on display in the Gallery.