New Display of photographs of Lucian Freud from Francis Bacon’s Studio

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A selection of sources for THREE STUDIES OF LUCIAN FREUD, 1969 by FRANCIS BACON

An exhibition of photographs of Lucian Freud will be on display in Francis Bacon’s Studio at the Hugh Lane from the 14th November

Francis Bacon had over sixty images of Lucian Freud in his studio, now in the collection of the Hugh Lane Gallery.  They include photographs, many of which were taken by John Deakin, of Freud seated on a bed, in his studio, reading a newspaper and standing in Fitzroy Square London.  Bacon physically manipulated these photographs by creasing and bending them, often distorting the image in the process.  This first photograph of Lucian Freud seated on a bed bears a direct and significant relationship to the centre panel of Three Studies of Lucian Freud, 1969 which achieved a record price at auction at Christie's, New York on the 12th November 2013. Torn and creased, Bacon has totally obscured one leg by bending the paper over it and securing it with paper clips.  The heavily paint stained image testifies to Bacon using this photograph in the process of painting.  Bacon also kept reproductions of Three Studies of Lucian Freud, 1969 in his studio.  The images of the centre and right hand panels seen here are torn from the book Francis Bacon Full Face and Profile (1983) by the artist’s friend, French philosopher and writer Michel Leiris. It is also interesting to note that Francis Bacon kept images of Lucian Freud’s Portrait of Francis Bacon, 1952 in his studio.  Heavily marked by paint accretions, this again reveals the artist’s practice of handling images while painting.

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