Permanent Collection

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Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane houses the foremost collection of modern and contemporary art in Ireland. Established in 1908 by Sir Hugh Lane and his supporters with Dublin Corporation the collection has grown considerably with acquisitions  in both traditional art forms and new media. The gallery has benefited from significant gifts and bequests including Lady Lavery Memorial Bequest 1935, Francis Bacon's Studio 1998, Sean Scully Collection 2005 and gifts from the Friends of the National Collections of Ireland, the Contemporary Irish Arts Society as well as from individuals. The gallery's collection is an invaluable reflection of movements and initiatives that have occurred from the time of the Impressionists to today including superb works acquired from the ROSC series of exhibitions which occurred between 1967 and 1988. Recent acquisitions include Perceived Lightness by Liam Gillick, Black Atlas Series by Kathy Prendergast, Climate Shit Drawing by Yinka Shonibare and Landline Grey by Sean Scully.

In 2008 the gallery celebrated its first centenary with Hugh Lane: 100 Years exhibition which saw the return from the National Gallery, London, all 39 paintings from Sir Hugh Lane's 1917 Bequest. They hung together together with the original collection for the first time since 1913. Over 80,000 people visited during the course of the exhibition.  In 2015 the gallery commemorated the centenary of the death of Sir Hugh Lane with the exhibition Sir Hugh Lane: Legacy and Loss. In 2016 as part of the commemorations for the centenary of the 1916 Rising, the gallery launched a themed programme Artist as Witness with selected displays from the collection.

In February 2019, new collection displays opened in the new wing in preparation for the refurbishment of the 1930s wing.