Sundays@Noon Online: Svetlana Rudenko - piano, Michael Buckley - saxophone, Ronan Guilfoyle - bass

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To watch the concert click here or go to the gallery's facebook page here

Short & Suite - Music for Piano, Saxophone, and Bass

Svetlana Rudenko - piano
Michael Buckley - saxophone
Ronan Guilfoyle - bass

A concert featuring both composed and improvised music, in which all of the music is being heard for the first time. The concert will feature the premiere of 'Short (&) Suite for Piano', a new five-part suite for piano composed by Ronan Guilfoyle, performed by the brilliant Ukranian pianist Svetlana Rudenko. Comprised of short sections built around the structures of classical music, but with a contemporary slant, the piece is playful, virtuosic, and both respectful of the past while being firmly in the present.
Michael Buckley and Ronan Guilfoyle will also play a suite of short pieces, but in this case completely improvised, drawing on the experience as jazz musicians, and their long standing musical relationship

Programme notes available here