Sundays@Noon Online: An Tara - Matthew Noone and Tommy Hayes

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Broadcast from the sculpture hall, Hugh Lane Gallery

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Matthew Noone - Sarode, Tommy Hayes- Bohrán

“a unique collaboration producing a delightful aural journey that knows no borders and defies categorisation” Carl Corcoran

An Tara is a unique duo comprised of Tommy Hayes & Matthew Noone that explores the spaces in-between the traditions of Irish and Indian Classical music. Both regarded as pioneers on their chosen instruments and fearlessly inventive; they create a diverse yet cohesive musical experience.

In this concert both musicians play a combination of Irish traditional music, Indian music and self-composed pieces, merging them seamlessly through intuitive musicianship.

1. A Call to Prayer/ Easter Princess/ Improvisation/ Humours of Scariff/ The Golden Stud
2. Damnhait's Jig/ Humours of Saul
3. The Son of God He Has Forsaken Us
4. Caisleán An Óir/ Heron Jig/ Raga Asawari/ Improvisation
5. I have a house of my own with a Chimney Built on Top of it
6. The Misty Covered Mountains/ Raga Kafi/ Improvisation
7. Rosie's Lullaby