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Listen to our series of podcasts here

Audio stroll between Hugh Lane Gallery and the National Museum of Ireland, Decorative Arts and History, Collins Barracks. Join Kimberly Griffith Walsh on an audio stroll beginning at Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Square and ending at the 'Studio and State: The Laverys and the Anglo Irish Treaty' exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland, Decorative Arts and History, in Collins Barracks. Along the way Kimberly chats with Logan Sisley,co-curator of the exhibition, historian Dr Mary Muldowney, Dr Ciaran Wallace and Edith Andrees, co-curator of the exhibition. Listen here.

In the Forest by Gustave Courbet with artist Helena Gouveia Monteiro In this short podcast artist Helena Gouveia Monteiro takes us on a multi-sensory exploration of the painting 'In the Forest' by Gustave Gourbet in the collection of the Hugh Lane Gallery. Listen here

Podcast: Joseph Beuys In 1974 Joseph Beuys exhibited A Secret Block for a Secret Person in Ireland  at Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, and the Ulster Museum, Belfast. During several visits to the island that year, Beuys presented lectures and discussions in several cities. Listen to our podcast here with contributions by Maud Cotter, Sean Lynch, John Carson and Logan Sisley produced by Kimberly Griffith Walsh: The Irish Blackboards: Reflections on Joseph Beuys' 1974 Visit to Ireland

Art and the Outdoors: Artists Podcasts

As part of our programmes exploring the theme of Art and the Outdoors, we invite you to join our artists in a listening experience exploring this subject in very different ways through our series of short podcasts.

1. Art and the Outdoors: The Comfort of Trees with artist Beth O'Halloran

Artist Beth O'Halloran in this podcast, invites you to explore ideas inspired by local trees as a source for image-making. With a mix of art history, fun facts and personal anecdotes, Beth looks at how other artists, old and new, have approached tree drawing and how we might reacquaint ourselves with these gentle giants. (12 mins 13 sec) Listen here

2. Art and the Outdoors: Field Recording — A sound walk in Phoenix Park with artist Helena Gouveia Monteiro

In a sensory walk through Phoenix Park, artist Helena Gouveia Monteiro invites us to lend an ear to the discreet sonic appearances along the path and experience our surroundings in a poetic and meditative experience followed by an art activity for family audiences based on bird calls and sounds. (10 mins 01 sec) Listen here

3. Art and the Outdoors: Avoir l’Air by artist Liliane Puthod

Inspired by the artist Liliane Puthod's studio’s environment, this podcast is what we shall call ‘an audio experience of few words’ focusing mainly on meditative soundscapes perceived through the recording of the movement of air within a landscape. Trying to capture its effect on our senses, the artist has recorded an approximate 10 min walk punctuated with sound anecdotes guiding us throughout this investigative journey. From the sound of whispering words to banging metal and whistling echoes, Liliane Puthod gives us an insight into her slow paced approach on how to activate surfaces and spaces outdoors... a way to explore and listen to your own surroundings while using your body to generate specific sounds… Step outside, along with your hands and feet, eyes and ears, nose and skin. You will feel. Feel the texture of the sculptures, of trees, of grass. And you will hear the birds, the bees, the wind. In the distance, the sound of knocking wings. Try close your eyes. The Wind, can you hear the wind? When you step back inside, try and remember the different sounds you could hear and the different textures you could feel. Pretend you can see them. Give them a shape, a colour, a name. Give them a sound d d d d…  (10 mins) Listen here

4. Art and the Outdoors: A Night Walk with artist Beth O'Halloran

Artist Beth O'Halloran says: 'In this podcast, I’ll be taking listeners for a night walk with my dogs, exploring sights and sounds amplified by darkness. Artists Eithne Jordan and Edward Hopper come up in the conversation along with some pointers on how to use the nightscape as image-making material. (15 mins, 01 sec) Listen here

5. Art and the Outdoors: What does a painting sound like? with Kimberly Griffith Walsh

In this podcast, artist and art historian Kimberly Griffith Walsh imagines what Parnell, formerly Rutland Square, might have sounded like at the time that William John Leech painted Old Rutland Square (1934).  Taking a deep dive into the history surrounding the square, Kimberly explores the integral role that this part of Dublin played in some of Ireland’s most pivotal political, social and artistic events. (19 mins, 07 secs) Listen here

6.  Art and the Outdoors: A Transition Space (between City and Sea) with Ashleigh Downey

In this podcast brought to your from Poolbeg peninsula Ashleigh Downey explores the world through the eyes of a naturalist. Standing on the edge between city and sea, ecological artist Ashleigh Downey explores the interconnections between humans and nature. Positioning herself in a place of transition, along the Great South Wall, Ashleigh looks to the past, and considers where we are at this present moment in time. Using the breathe as anchor point Ashleigh circles a space between the natural and the man-made.

As the sun rises over Dublin Bay Ashleigh marks a moment in time by draws a circle in the sand. As the city awakes she draws another set of circles near to Poolbeg Lighthouse, and wonders how long will these marks on the land last?

With a sense of curiosity and contemplation Ashleigh invites you to connect with your surroundings by creating your own ephemeral art. Listen here


7.  Art and the Outdoors: What does a painting sound like? A Breezy Day, Howth with Kimberly Griffith Walsh

Kimberly Griffith Walsh invites you to step into the world of the artwork 'A Breezy Day, Howth' by William Orpen.  Listen here

8.  Art and the Outdoors: Soundscaping (in a Secret City Garden) with Ashleigh Downey

Soundscapes are all around us - in our cities, in the streets, around the next corner. Everywhere you go there is another environment of sound waiting for you to tune into. Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life the subtle sounds of nature can be heard. There are nearly always birds somewhere near by and if you listen closely you can hear them singing.

In the centre of Dublin city there is a quiet tranquil place. A place where you can go to relax, listen deeply, and marvel at the multitude of sounds that surround you. It is an enchanting secret garden with three hundred years of stories to tell.

In this podcast ecological artist Ashleigh Downey goes on a meamble to discover some of the wonders that lie hidden behind the walls of this secret garden. With ears wide open, and with a sense of curiosity Ashleigh invites you to join her on a soundscaping jaunt to awaken your senses and immerse yourself in a sonic environment. Listen here

9.  Art and the OutdoorsA sound walk in Phoenix Park - Dublin Zoo with artist Helena Gouveia Monteiro

In this second episode exploring the rich sonic landscapes of Dublin's Phoenix Park, artist Helena Gouveia Monteiro invites us to traverse the different environments of Dublin Zoo and meet its inhabitants by focusing on time-based sonic experiences punctuated by curiosities from the study and representation of exotic animals in art history.

Image: Helena Gouveia Monteiro, negative 8mm film still, 2020